All Natural Lip Balm made with Organic Hawaiian Beeswax
Moisturize, Protect, Heal
All Natural Lip Balms made with Organic Coconut oil, Organic Hawaiian Beeswax,  Organic Tropical Extracts
Kohana All Natural Lip Balm
$4.25 ea
2 for $8.00
5 for $18.00

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Cool Mint
Lavender Liliko'i
 Mai Tai
Noni Lime
Island Coconut
Pineapple Coconut
Hibiscus Cooler

Mango Tango
Eclipse (zinc oxide)

A Big Island favorite! Sweet, nutty, fresh coconut essence.
Paraben free
Petro chemical free
no mineral oil

Organic Big Island Beeswax is an ingredient in all of our Kohana Lip Balms. Beeswax, a very precious resource, a natural moisturizer and skin softener. It helps hold moisture to the skin and protects as it hydrates.  Our island beeswax is organic, raw, and contains all the great benefits that are often filtered out when beeswax is over processed or "purified." It  adds a light golden tone to all our lip balms signifying a truly natural blend.

 Kohana All Natural Lip Balm with Zinc Oxide $4.50 each
2 for $8.50
5 for $19.00

Eclipse Lip Balm
Fortified with Zinc Oxide for natural chemical free sun protection.
Eclipse with Zinc Oxide
Soothing blend of lavender, tea tree, and peppermint with luscious coconut. Fortified with the natural sun block protection of zinc oxide. Hydrates and protects.
for your lips

All Natural Ingredients: Big Island Organic  Beeswax, Palm Christi Oil, Jojoba, Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Essential Oils, Organic Extracts and/or Natural Flavour Oils, and Natural Sweeteners.
Mahalo for Buyin' Hawaiian!